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County-specific guidelines – August 5

By August 5, 2020No Comments

We’re continuing to monitor the California Superior Court’s response to COVID-19.

Last month, we saw a loosening of restrictions.

August, however, brings a mixed bag as California grapples with a surge in COVID-19 cases. While the state sets rules as far as statutes of limitations, each of the 58 counties can decide for themselves to what extent their courts are operating.

Some smaller jurisdictions that were previously spared the worst of the pandemic (Butte and Imperial Counties, to name a few) have now greatly restricted court access as cases there have spiked.

Other larger jurisdictions, like Marin and Orange Counties are proceeding as though remote court proceedings are going to be the norm. These jurisdictions and others have invested in new remote conferencing technologies that don’t seem temporary.

In another interesting finding, a lot of courts are moving away from CourtCall in favor of the pandemic’s darling platform, Zoom.

To see where each county stands, refer to our updated REPORT.

Please reach out to us with any questions!