Timothy W. Rose, California Worker's Compensation Defense Attorney


Professional History


Timothy W. Rose (Tim) is an associate attorney with Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, in the Riverside, California office. He started his practice in Workers’ Compensation law in 2009 as a defense attorney in San Diego. He found particular success with litigation of liens and also litigated multiple cases involving various Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs with multiple unions throughout California. He then managed an office in Santa Rosa in Northern California, handling multiple venues in that area and obtained partner status. He then transferred to Sacramento, California to address the specific needs of various clients.


Upon his return to Southern California, he opened a Workers’ Compensation office in Los Angeles for an out of State law firm. In addition to addressing all litigation aspects of general Workers’ Compensation claims, he also specialized in representing personnel leasing companies (PEO’s). He then chose to join Siegel, Moreno & Stettler to offer his experience to their clients.


Prior to becoming an attorney, Tim was a senior claims examiner for over 5 years at AIG where he piloted an ADR program. He also worked at ICW Group.


California Practice Specialties


  • Defense of all aspects of Workers’ Compensation claims including 132(a) defense
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) experience with various unions and ombudsman programs
  • Personnel leasing company (PEO) representation and contractual/coverage disputes
  • Frequent trainer for claims staff on multiple topics




Tim graduated with honors from San Diego State University with degrees in Political Science and Marketing in 2000. He attended law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, where he completed his studies and graduated while working as a claims examiner. He passed the bar in 2009. He has been published in multiple publications on a variety of topics involving Workers’ Compensation litigation.