Stacy K. Bickler, California Worker's Compensation Defense Attorney




Stacy K. Bickler, Esq. handles all aspects of workers’ compensation defense, from discovery and trial through the appellate phase. Clients regularly rely on his expertise regarding resolution of state and county liens. He also handles all aspects of 132(a) cases.


California Practice Specialties


  • Defense of worker's compensation claims
  • Serious and Willful Misconduct and 132(a) discrimination claims
  • Worker's compensation subrogation




After graduating from law school, Stacy joined the office of the San Diego District Attorney representing the County’s interests in litigated cases involving child support matters. While at the District Attorney’s Office, he gained the respect and confidence of his superiors and was promoted to Lead Attorney within the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement. As a Lead Attorney, Mr. Bickler was in charge of a specialized unit within the District Attorney’s Office and held the responsibility of enforcing child support orders and their resultant liens and wage assignments against the more than 1,500 workers’ compensation cases of delinquent non-custodial parents. It was in this capacity that Stacy established his reputation as a firm but fair and respectable attorney in the Workers’ Compensation community.


As Mr. Bickler’s knowledge of workers’ compensation grew and his reputation spread throughout the community, he was pursued by a number of local firms to join their practice, selecting, of course, Siegel & Moreno.