Areas of Practice







The law firm of Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, formerly known as Siegel, Moreno & Kramer, has extensive experience in workers’ compensation and liability matters, handling all areas of litigation from a defense perspective. In addition to general issues related to workers’ compensation, the firm also handles Labor Code 132(a), serious and willful misconduct, ADA, Coverage B, reconsideration and appeals. Due to the extensive implications of the Americans with Disability Act, Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, is actively focusing on the interplay of these various legal systems. We are also developing a specialization in Federal claims including Longshore and Harbor Workers as well as Defense Base Act matters and subrogation.

The numerous changes in workers’ compensation law requires a team that possesses a working knowledge of both the technical and practical applications of the legislation in order to successfully resolve claims. The attorneys in our firm practice extensively in San Diego, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. They have also appeared before various other WCAB locations in California ranging from Fresno and Ventura to Pomona and El Centro. We know that uniformity is an ideal, not a reality, such that knowledge of the different approaches of judges and WCAB venues is extremely valuable in evaluating and litigating claims in the context of the system. Additionally, we are familiar with the medical community in these areas so that we can assist in making the appropriate selections of physicians for evaluation and treatment.

The recent additions to the Labor Code have also created the Employer’s “Bill of Rights”. Many employers have become cognizant of this extensive and far reaching area of the law and are actively suing insurance carriers for failing to properly defend or protect the employer’s interests. Siegel, Moreno & Stettler has worked as mediators to assist in the resolution in these types of disputes. If mediation is not a possibility, we have been aggressive in assisting carriers in the defense of such matters.

We have also served as an available resource through seminars and in-service programs to assist both the insurance companies and the employers in avoiding the pitfalls of the specific rules and regulations. This approach has been successful in helping many carriers, third party administrators as well as employers through the maze of the Labor Code and the Administrative Rules of Practice and Procedure. As an adjunct to this, the firm is also ready to assist in handling OBAE audits and appeals from such activities. 




The Legislature has recently enacted laws aimed at preventing further abuse of the workers’ compensation system. Our firm actively assists insurance carriers as well as employers in litigating fraudulent claims. We work in close association with law enforcement agencies and the Department of Insurance in the pursuit and prosecution of these types of cases.

Our efforts are not limited to individuals bringing injury claims, but also have included investigation and pursuit of fraudulent medical practitioners and lawyers. Our attorneys have testified before the California State Bar, have worked hand in hand with our clients and assisted in the proper filing and handling of these claims.




Over the years, in addition to workers’ compensation, the lawyers in our firm have been involved in a multitude of claims including construction defect, personal injury, product liability and various other general liability defense cases. We have practiced in both Municipal and Superior Courts throughout Southern California and have successfully tried cases to verdict. Our attorneys have proceeded to the appellate level and have successfully argued before the District Court of Appeals as well as the Supreme Court.


In addition, Siegel, Moreno & Stettler is one of the few firms that has been active in handling all types of subrogation matters. Subrogation has become extremely complex due to the interrelatedness between workers’ compensation, third party/civil liability, Proposition 51, liens, credit and attorney’s fees issues. It requires a specific understanding of each area and the implications that each has on the parties and in the forum where actions are maintained. We actively pursue discovery and prepare the case for the sake of our client’s maximum recovery, whether through negotiations, arbitration or trial. Most importantly, we are keenly aware of the need to add finality and to concurrently reach a resolution in workers’ compensation and third party claims.